Chad is a Licensed Insurance Agent. Your No Nonsense Healthcare Ninja! He has worked in the Insurance Industry since June 2013. He made a transition in May 2017 to focus only on the under 65 market. He specializes in Health Coverage for self employed, 1099 contractors, individuals, and families that purchase their own coverage. Chad can also help in cases when it is expensive to add on a spouse or dependents to your coverage through work. He loves to help clients understand what options they have available and choose the best fit for their individual or family situation. He is passionate about helping clients understand all of their healthcare options. His main focus is to educate his clients. Chad shows them they have options. In most cases the options he helps with, the clients had no idea the plans even existed. 

 No Nonsense Healthcare Ninja Educational Videos


Download this FREE No Nonsense Healthcare Ninja Survival Guide for self employed, 1099 contractors, individuals, and families. This will help you be a more educated consumer when shopping for health coverage.


Typical Clients

Individuals and Families

Small Business Owners/Self Employed Individuals


1099 Contractors

Spouses of Teachers

Personal Trainers

Employees of small Businesses 

Insurance Agents/CPA's

Your No Nonsense Healthcare Ninja services are most effective for people who are one or more of the following:  

  • Make a Decent Income  
  • Fairly Healthly  
  • Paying High Insurance Premiums either through the ACA/Obama Care or your job
  • Currently have an ACA/Obama Care Plan or another plan outside of the ACA/Obama Care 

My Why

Chad has personally experienced the frustration that comes from finding a good healthcare coverage option. So he set out on his own journey to listen and help others navigate the insurance world. The frustrations of rising premiums, reduction of benefits, and limited networks to doctors and hospitals often impacts small business owners and self employed individuals more than any other population. Chad's goal is to help give you an affordable option while providing solid benefits. He works hard to also give clients a Nationwide PPO Network (that they actually recognize). 

He strives to provide HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday). Chad accomplishes this through one-on-one appointments (either in person or via screen share) in order to help people understand and evaluate options, some of which they often didn't know existed.  


-Free initial phone conversation to assess your current health coverage situation

-Free Quote 

-Free Review of your current plan 

 -Free in person appointment or screen share appointment to go over new coverage options 

- Free Agent customer service: Chad's clients call him first with any questions or concerns 

Face to Face Appointment

Screen Share Appointment

Don't live close by, No worries!

Chad is Licensed in 30 states!


Work with Your No Nonsense Healthcare Ninja, who has helped Individuals all over the the US find their next health coverage plan. Let The Your Nonsense Healthcare Ninja protect your family.